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The term “mercenary” was once used as a slur among fighting men. In certain kingdoms, notably Khador, the term is still used as a disdainful appellation for those who have no attachment to their homeland. Nevertheless, where war and wages thrive mercenaries inevitably follow; with the occupation of Llael, mercenary bands have cropped up all over the kingdoms. Mercenaries are so common in the Iron Kingdoms that some speculate it was mercenaries who helped bring them about and ultimately are hindering their solidarity. After all a mercenary’s wage comes from war, and conflicts keep mercenaries in business. For example, the once-powerful Thunderhelm Irregulars, recently laid low by Khadoran forces, were practically permanent occupants of Llael, and the Blackshields are so closely tied to Cygnar that they have become an official branch of the army in all but name.